Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Watering Hole - Take #2643

So, yet again.. never satisfied, I've changed the 'pool' a little more. This time.. I filled in half of what I dug out previously.. all to get a little grass on the side. IMHO it looks a lot better now.. and still has a little area for 'swimming'.. or rather.. wading. Always good for a hot day.. or after a run. Just jump on in.. instant satisfaction! No need to wait for the bath to fill. 

What a mission.. I must have forgot how much effort it took to move the earth in the first place.. putting it back was just as hard.. but theres always a good side to something bad.. and in this case.. its the exercise.. and general sense of satisfaction. So yeah, here are the photos. What is next.. who knows!?

Some of the water wheels I've made from plastic 'future' board. 

Maybe I could wire them up and reap the hydroelectric power.. FREE ENERGY! haha

This is an apple snail.. there are so many of them! They grow quite big... have big tentacles.. and generally look pretty weird. Surprisingly they move quite fast, at least for a snail.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pier Jumping สะพาน

If you are like me around heights and water then the quest for that perfect jump is a never ending one. On Phuket there are very few places to satisfy this desire. Most cliffs and rocky areas slope off into the sea and so the water is not deep enough to safely jump. However not so long ago I spotted a pier from the road running between Kalim and Kamala beach. After parking up you can walk down passed the no trespassing sign onto the beach. It's a very nice little beach in and of itself, but the pier is what I was there for.

On the birds eye view above you can also see a beach to the left called Nae Yai beach. You have to turn right off the main road and follow the windy road through the jungle. Then at the bottom of the hill turn right down a dirt road to the beach. If you reach the massive mansions you have gone to far. This beach will get its own post soon. Even though it is becoming more well known it is still possible to be the only one there and the snorkeling is quite something.

Edit: This beach has been closed off for some reason. Development I imagine. :(

OK so back to the pier. The waters are deep and the jump spots are variable in height which makes for some perfect entertainment. There are also plenty of fish that swim towards the end of the pier which are always a pleasure to watch.

Please note that since this video was made, the pier has been somewhat renewed and now comes complete with a team of fun police who make it very clear in an unclear kind of way that they don't want jumpers round those parts. With a little 'cunningness' though, (ie. swim to the end and climb up the steps) you can make it on to the pier and wait for the perfect moment.