Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Ride - จับพลัดจับผลู

Out and about on the mountain bike, I decided to spin a left off the bypass road just after the Prince of Songkla University. The hill side has recently been cleared. The top looked like it had a nice view. I rode about half of it and walked the rest. Thailand is HOT. On the way up I saw the ends of small side roads which would have made it easier, but that is besides the point.

At the top a track starts to form. so I followed it only to reach a dead end. However I looked up and saw hope behind a typical barbed wire fence. I walked to the top first and realised that I have been here before except from the other side of the hill. So I lugged the bike on my back and climbed the slope and hopped over the fence. It was like the pathways didn't quite match up. There is a wooden house on the top with views over Kathu, and the other side the Makro area with a new housing estate behind. Now comes the real fun. Downhill!

Half way down is a Chinese Temple. I have never seen anyone down there, but the lit incense and candles always give the feeling that someone was just there. The path turns into a dirt track road until the bottom. A woman selling coconuts at the bottom is surprised to see me just drop on in. Coconut juice for me and the coconut for May!


Edit: Since then a road has been built over this area that connects Ketho with the Bypass road.